School Rules



  1. Every student must clear his/her dues within 15 days of the commencement of the term unless otherwise permitted, he/she will forfeit his/her seat
  2. Students without proper school uniform and/or complete set of books will not be allowed to attend classes.
  3. Students are expected to evince a high degree of honesty, good conduct and obedience towards teachers. The principal has the right to expel at any time a student found guilty of serious misconduct.
  4. All students are required to show a high degree of respect to their Head boy, Head girl, and other members of the Protectoral council and class prefects. Refusal to comply with their instruction will be officially recorded and will result in serious punishment.
  5. Refusal to undergo any punishment given by a member of staff or prefects as approved by the principal will result in the child’s suspension or expulsion from the school as may be decided by the principal.
  6. Attendance at assembly is compulsory for every student of the school. Latecomers will be required to undergo a punishment to be determined by the teacher responsible. If a student continues to come to school late without a genuine reason he/she may forfeit his/her seat.
  7. Absence from school for any single day must be accounted for: prior permission should be obtained, if possible.
  8. Absence without permission for 28 consecutive days, without a medical certificate will render him ineligible for continuance in the school.
  9. A student causing any damage to school property will be charged with the actual cost of the damaged property. Failure to comply may entail expulsion from the school.
  10. Bleaching, cosmetics of all sorts and jewelry are strictly prohibited, except small ear-rings for girls.
  11. Fighting and smoking are strictly prohibited. Any breach can result in expulsion from the school. A student smoking or fighting while in school uniform even outside the school premises is liable for the same penalty.
  12. The principal reserves the right to ask a parent/guardian to withdraw his/her child if his/her conduct and/or academic performance falls short of his satisfaction.
  13. Parent/Guardians who wish to withdraw their child/wards from the school must notify the principal in writing in not less than 1 week.
  14. Any student expelled from the school will forfeit all money paid to the school.
  15. All students are expected to communicate in English whilst in class. Speaking vernacular in class is strictly prohibited.
  16. Cheating during or after examinations may result to indefinite suspension.
  17. Use of drugs and alcohol is strictly prohibited. Any student found wanting will be suspended indefinitely.
  18. Any intimate relationship between students and their teachers is unacceptable. Students who get pregnant during their course will loose their place and if the accomplice is also a member of the school, he will be expelled or terminated.


School Uniform

Girls (grades 10-12) white shirt below knee length and long sleeve, school badge and navy-blue & plain head tie. All hair should be completely covered. Boys (grades 10-12) white shirt with school badge and navy-blue slacks.

All Students in Afternoon Shift: the same uniform (as stated above) except that the shirts should have a blue strip on the pocket (2cm wide).